P.I.N.A.C. What does it mean and stand for?

P.I.N.A.C., standing for `Photography Is Not A Crime` was first thought of and founded in the USA, by Carlos Miller, who was a photo-journalist. He stopped in a car to document a man being interviewed by five police officers and started to take photos. He was asked to move on but informed them that he was on public land where he had a right to photograph. The police then arrested him for numerous offences, including resisting arrest. The [Miami] Police Department were later found to have violated freedom of the press and free speech. This is a big thing in the United States and has in recent years taken off in the United Kingdom amongst other countries.

P.I.N.A.C. What does it mean and stand for?
PINAC - Photography Is Not A Crime


The PINAC movement is a person or persons doing what is known in the PINAC circles as an AUDIT.

A person or persons will go to (normally) a government building and see if their rights to record a publicly owned building, vehicle or public servant in the cause of his/her duties, whilst on `publically accessible land`, are violated.

If violated, it is not unheard of for the `auditor` to take civil action against the person or the government department. An instance of this can be seen on the auditors' channel `Live Free' where he lodged a complaint against Police Scotland and was found to have merit. Live free, from his videos, claims he is now taking them to the Civil Courts to seek compensation. Most auditors in the movement know that the likes of the police forces will tend to make an out-of-court settlement if a complaint has been upheld, as in this case.

Auditor remit is that they try to educate those that think public photography is illegal or that some kind of consent is needed. There are, however, quite a few tyrants whose ego will not let them calm down and de-escalate the situation. This only serves for `good content` to go on social media.

Auditing Britain is most certainly one of the first, if not the first, to start auditing in the UK. Auditing Britain celebrated his 100K Subscription not too long ago and several auditors got together to make a video to commemorate and educate

There are now scores of `auditors` across the UK, such as the legendary Marti Blagburough and Watch Me Do This, and the upcoming star in the PINAC circles Buzztex Audit, amongst many others.

You get varied tactics from the auditors with some simply educating people as and when they try to stop the shots being taken to aggravating the situation and causing a scene in order to get the content. The auditors that create a scene are normally well aware of the boundaries of the law and use them to their advantage, such as Section33 CJA 1972.

Police often use Sec43 Terrorism Act, playing into the auditor's lap and allowing them to press civil charges for wrongful arrest and a bunch of other offences resulting in a payout in the form of compensation.

All [police] forces across England and Wales recently got a memo, originally from 2010 and recirculated, informing officers about auditors' and how the situation should be handled, this as well as their own Met Police website declaring it is perfectly lawful to do so.